30040 Deercroft Dr. Wagram, NC 28396  (910) 369-0604   dha@windstream.net
Monday through Friday, 9am to 11am
Deercroft HOA Committee Information
Architectural Control: Lynn Marchese
Adjudicatory Panel: Tom Motz
Beautification: Sarah Hardy
Gates/Security Cameras: Mitch Simmons
Clubhouse: DHA Office, Barbara Burke,
& Lynn Marchese
Firewise: Jerry Gaskill
Lake: Jerry Purser
Pool: Patrick Minyon
RV Storage: Dick Glidden
Roads: Eleanor Cross
Standing Committee on Rules, Regulations, Policies, & Procedures: Jerry Purser
Security/Neighborhood Watch: Ralph Tindall
2017-2018 Board Members
Cheryl DeNoble, President
Mark Schenck, Vice President
Harold Harrington, Secretary
Judy Peshkopia, Treasurer
Bill Cooke, At-Large
Kathy Wright, At-Large
Pat Minyon, At-Large

Please see Quick Links for:

  • Rules & Regulations
  • ByLaws & Convenants
  • Architectural Control
  • All forms and applications
  • Storage Facility and Clubhouse Use
  • Firewise Information & Emergency Evacuation Map